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Shoujo no Gennu

Star's Writing Journal

The Girl's Fantasy
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Star's writing/media journal
The Girl's Fantasy
Hello! You have just stumbled upon Star's personal writing comm, Shoujo no Gennu, also known as The Girl's Fantasy. You'll find all sorts of things here, from crackfics from serious business fics, or basically anything. If you like what you read, then watch~? ♥
01. You absolutely may not use any of my fanfiction without my permission. I occasionally make icons or fanart. I appreciate credit and feedback, though.
02. This comm contains crack, yaoi/yuri/straight pairings, or whatever. If you find something that offends you, don't be a bloke and DON'T READ IT! :D
03. Comments and critisism are much appreciated, but flames are absolutely not tolerated. You will be an instant ban if you do. ♥
04. I do not own anything I write in this unless I state otherwise.
Rumbling of the Sea
If you're looking for other works of mine, please look in these directions:
chou_fics // Fanfiction.net
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