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07 April 2008 @ 10:31 pm
{010} Kanon. 019. White.  

Title: Prayer
Fandom: Kanon
Characters: Tsukimiya Ayu
Prompt: #019 - White
Word Count: 516
Rating: G
Summary: Will the girl with the winged backpack find what she's looking for?
Author's Notes: Takes place in the Ayu arc, when Ayu is digging up dirt on the road by herself. I'm pretty sure she's done this before without Yuuichi, so let's just assume she has. :D Part of, as always, Winter Tales. (Chapter 20.)
Disclaimer: Kanon does not belong to me, but Key/KyoAni.

It was a dark, snowy night when she began digging in the dark, only able to see by a lone lamppost in the vicinity. It wasn’t exactly snowing hard or light while a small figure scooped up dirt in her bare, raw fingers and tossed it aside.
The figure was a small girl going by the name of Tsukimiya Ayu, age sixteen, though she looked more like a middle school kid than a high school student. Why, you ask, was a sixteen-year-old girl digging through dirt in the dark?

She wasn’t sure, to be honest. But she was looking for something. Something so important, she would look for thousands of years for, promising herself she would find.

What was she looking for? Again, she didn’t know as she plunged her hands in and out of the snow

automatically, like a robot. The only thing it could be, she concluded before, that it was so precious that it tugged on her memory and made her remember that she was looking for something in this town.

In this lone city, her precious object could be found and reclaimed.

She had lived in this city ever since she was born – and her mother died here, too. Her father, on the other hand, still lived in it, but he was rarely seen. In this city, she never forgot anything – being with Yuuichi, eating taiyaki with Yuuichi, and receiving the beautiful red headband from Yuuichi – yet, she still didn’t remember the precious object.

Why can’t find a simple object? She asked herself this as she scooped up snow and dirt, blemishing the white surface of the road. The city isn’t so big, so why can’t I find it? It would be a big help if I could actually remember what it was…

“Uguu,” she moaned out loud. She hated thinking about her previous failures, and just wanted to find her precious object so those failures could be a thing of the past.

She looked down dully at her dirty, snowy hands, and for some reason, her eyes filled with tears.

“I got to find it…” she whispered to herself in a way she hoped would be encouraging. “So I can show Yuuichi-kun and… impress him.”

Suddenly, a thought came to her. What if Yuuichi found her treasure? Not only would it save her from a lifetime of searching, but also it could bring the two closer together.

Ayu felt a little bit guilty of the thought of Yuuichi completing her mission, but decided on one thing. She clasped her dirty, cold hands together and whispered this single prayer unto the dark sky.

“Please… gods of snow… help me to find my object I’m looking for. Please help Yuuichi-kun too, just in case he decides to really help me, too. Take care of Yuuichi-kun too… please. Amen.”

After that quick prayer, she dug into the earth anew, silently praying that one day she would find her treasure and say to Yuuichi with a grin on her face, “I found it without your help! Hahaha!”

She longed for that to happen.
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