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07 April 2008 @ 10:08 pm
{008} Kanon. 001. Beginnings.  
Title: Beginning of Everything
Fandom: Kanon
Characters: Aizawa Yuuichi & Tsukimiya Ayu
Prompt: #001 - Beginnings
Word Count: 450
Rating: G
Summary: Every great tale has a beginning.
Author's Notes: Takes place when Yuuichi and Ayu were children. Written rather ambigiously. Written for </a></font></b></a>fanfic100.
Disclaimer: Kanon does not belong to me, but Key/KyoAni.

“Hey, are you crying?” 

It is a cold, snowy day when a boy asks this girl this. He is standing, and she is sitting, crying with choked sobs on a bench. Some people passing stare at the girl and just move on, others wonder if the boy is bullying the girl. Some people debate on going to she if she’s all right, but none do.

The girl gives shaky nod, but continues to sob. The boy decides to try a different tactic besides asking the obvious.

“So… what’s your name? Mine is Yuuichi.” 

“…A-Ayu.” She speaks in a watery voice, but the tears still come. She does glance up at the person she’s talking to, but quickly closes her eyes. This is a plus for Yuuichi, as he hopes he’s going to cheer her up.

“Okay, Ayu. What’s your last name?”

She stifles a sob. “…Ayu.” 

Yuuichi looked a little amused. “So your full name is ‘Ayu Ayu’?”

“Ah… no!” Ayu gulps, and then, in a stronger voice, says, “it’s just Ayu!”

“So you just have a first name?” Yuuichi asks, teasing her. “That’s weird. I thought everyone had full names…”

Ayu finally looks up at him. Her face, which would look really cute if it was smiling, is tear streaked. Her eyes are puffy and red, but Yuuichi guesses if they were happy, they would look really nice. 

“So… why are you crying, Ayu Ayu?” Yuuichi asks again, except using her fake name.

“Uguu~ Don’t call me that.” A look of discomfort settles across her face, but then it is quickly replaced by sadness. “My mom died just two days ago. Today, I was going to get some groceries, but then I just felt so sad… I felt so sad I couldn’t help but cry.”

As she spoke, tears threatened to escape from her eyes. However, before they could spill, Yuuichi said,

“Don’t worry. If you’re feeling lonely, I’ll be there, okay?”

This stopped Ayu from crying immediately. It was as though Yuuichi became her beacon of light, the person she could count on for everything.

Her first true best friend.

“R…really?” Ayu was so speechless about this statement, she could hardly believe it. 

“Of course!” Yuuichi said, grinning. Finally, he had struck a cord with this girl. He wasn’t lying or anything when he said it. He truly meant what he said. He figured Ayu needed somebody to be there for her, and who could be better than himself?

“Does that mean… we’re friends?” Ayu asked, speaking the word as though Yuuichi couldn’t possibly be saying they were friends.

Yuuichi nodded.

For the first time, and certainly not the last, Ayu cracked a large smile. And then, she laughed.

This faithful meeting was the beginning of everything.
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